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Smile Wars is a new game that you can fight, interact and build your own wonderful and magnificent village!
This was made by DwyaneGames, as this is the first game to be published by DwyaneGames!
Come on! Join a wonderful adventure and heroic fights between the smileys!
This game is free to play, but some things have macro-enabled skills, and some aren't.
You must enable macro to play because it is a POWERPOINT GAME. Have fun!

Defensive buildings Resources building Army buildings Miscellaneous
Defensive Buildings Resource Buildings Army Buildings Miscellaneous Buildings
Troops Editing protocol
Troops Editing Protocol

Trailer is Here!
Smile Wars Video

Smile Wars Video

Check out the Smile Wars Video!

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Town Hall is the heart of your village, take care of it as when it is destroyed in a battle, you lose trophies, so protect it! Town Halls goes through many levels as Level 1-8, costs gold to be bought and upgraded. Town Hall is bought in the store, as in other games, the player has the town hall. 

Town hall level 1

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